Art Requirements

The quality of your imprint depends upon the quality of artwork supplied. All orders requiring artwork must be sent in as black and white electric camera ready art. To ensure this and avoid delays or art charges please adhere to our specifications.

Artwork can be accepted from the following programs:

Acceptable Programs & Requirements:

  • ILLUSTRATOR: “create outlines” on all fonts (.ai, .pdf, and .eps are acceptable file formats).
  • PHOTOSHOP: All EPS, TIFF, JPEG files (layered if possible). They must be 600 dpi or higher at 100% of final size or larger.
  • Corel Draw:  Change all fonts to curves.  Art must be exported as an .ai or .pdf file.
  • .ai, .pdf, and .eps are the acceptable file formats.  All placed images must be included in b&w and created at a minimum of 600dpi. Placed images in color are unacceptable.  The preferred format is Adobe Illustrator pdf. We do not accept page layout programs such as MS Word. File formats such as .doc, .pub, .vcf and .dat are unacceptable.

Vector Art is preferred. It provides the best quality and allows images to be resized without loss of sharpness and detail.

All fonts must be converted to outlines, curves, or paths (vector). If supplying image files, fonts need to be rasterized. For documents in Illustrator or CorelDraw, all items should be converted to outlines or curves with CorelDraw files exported as EPS or AI files. Documents in Illustrator must have all EPS and/or TIFF files in the same folder or the same package to avoid confusion and make production possible. Documents in Photoshop should NOT be halftones (grayscale or CMYK) and resolution should not be lower than 600 dpi @ final size (1200 dpi preferred).

We do not accept: Gif files, Page layout files such as Quark or Pagemaker, Word processing documents such as MS Word/Power Point, Photocopies or PMT’s of photocopies, business cards, letterheads, fax transmissions, etc. (These formats are too low of quality to ensure you a quality imprint.)

Artwork with tight registration, halftones, screen tints and/or bleeds must be reviewed by our Art Department for approval. Avoid very fine lines, both in type and illustrations.

Maximum Imprint Area: The artwork will be enlarged or reduced proportionally to fit the imprint area.

Art Charges

$60 per hour for any art creation, rebuilding or clean up.

4 Color Process Art Information

Submit both layered and formatted CMYK Photoshop or Illustrator files. Do not flatten templates or dielines within your file. Doing so will result in an art charge. Add all artwork to NEW layers–DO NOT add your artwork to the same layer that the template dielines are on. Please do not send disc art in Microsoft Word or Excel format. Word processing and spreadsheet programs, such as these, do not work well in our pre-press environment. We cannot accept art created in Microsoft Publisher or slide creation programs such as PowerPoint.

Whenever the application permits, as in Adobe Illustrator, convert type to curves/outlines. Also, remember to outline fonts used in EPS files that are placed/linked in your document. If not included, fonts will be substituted and line breaks may change. If unable to convert fonts when sending files, please provide screen and printer fonts. For Windows based art it is preferable to convert all type to curves/outlines.

Graphics (linked images)
Images should be scanned at 600 dpi resolution and saved in CMYK or Grayscale TIFF format without embedded profiles. Convert all RGB files to CMYK. Graphics in EPS format are also acceptable. Digital camera photos or graphics taken from an internet web page should also adhere to these same specifications prior to placement in your document. Files with a resolution of 72ppi at print size will not produce an acceptable print.